Science of Coffee Aroma

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Science of Coffee Aroma

The World’s Most Recognizable Aroma

When it comes to coffee, there is something truly magnificent about the power it’s aroma has on us. All it takes is one sniff and you begin to feel yourself coming to back to life. The enticing and complex aroma of coffee is hands down the most notable characteristic of this fantastic drink. The smell of coffee is created with upwards of 1000 separate aromatic compositions all provoking the drinker’s nose at once that are brought into realization through the roasting process.

So, it begs the question… Does the aroma of coffee alone have the ability to kick-start your brain before you even take your first drink? When it comes to coffee, the masses drink it for it’s exquisite taste profile as well as reliable dose of caffeine to increase energy when they need it most. Though it turns out that the scent alone may bring it’s own medley of advantages. Some recent research is starting to bring clarification toward the effects of coffee aroma on various genes and proteins within the brain.

Experimentation and Results

Collaboration between Japanese and German scientists show tested the effects of medium roasted coffee bean aroma on lab mice who were “stressed” with sleep limitations in comparison to those that were not limited in comparison to another group of mice under the same conditions that were not exposed to the uplifting smells of coffee. Here is what they discovered about the molecular responses of coffee aroma on the brain:

  • The sleep restricted mice increase liveliness in 17 genes located in the brain.
  • There were noticeable variations of proteins that could create calming results on stress.

These studies are still in the beginning stages but the possibilities of what continued research in the matters of coffee aroma on the brain have interesting potential. The health benefits of coffee are already well known but could just keeping a bag of roasted coffee nearby yield it’s positive mental health effects? Only time will tell

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