Live Long and Coffee

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Live Long and Coffee

The health benefits of coffee seem to be often overlooked. This rich, brown wonder drink is a jam packed with antioxidant as well as tons of other valuable nutrients that make for a delightfully complex and healthy drink option. Coffee has been studied over and over again, being noted as an effective way to reduce the risks of quite a few pesky diseases not to mention increasing individuals health as whole all while remaining delicious and satisfying.

Jump Start Energy Levels & Increase Smartness

Coffee is clinically proven to help boost energy levels through a little miraculous stimulant that we all know and love called caffeine! Right from your first sip of coffee, the caffeine is quickly distributed into the bloodstream and is taken directly to the brain. Once there it begins to shut down inhibitory neurotransmitters (calming stimulants) which is met with a rise in other neurotransmitters such as dopamine. Thus, igniting an increase in firing neurons and putting your brain into overdrive. There are countless trials over the recent years that show enriched brain power, including but not limited to memory, mood, energy and overall cognitive responsiveness simply through drinking coffee.

Effective Fat Burner

Here is a tidbit of information that you may have not known, it turns out that caffeine can be found in almost every commonly distributed fat reduction supplements. Why does this ring true you may wonder, well the answer is actually fairly strait forward. Caffeine is accredited as one of the only natural substance that has been scientifically proven to contribute in burning away fat. There have been numerous case studies directed toward the effects of caffeine on the metoblic rate, often showing increases of 3-11%. In even more interesting studies caffeine has been shown to directly effect the amount of fat burned by individuals anywhere from 10-29% depending on various health related factors. So given the fat eliminating properties of caffeine that is staple ingredient of coffee, it’s no wonder why you feel slimmer when you drink your favorite cup’o joe!

Coffee Can Increase Lifespan?

This may seem like a stretch, but there have been many studies that point toward this claim being genuine. In all actuality those who drink coffee effectively lower their risk of death. Some larger studies have shown the effects of drinking coffee are intertwined with a 20% reduction in the chances of death in males as well as a 26% reduction in chances of death in females over a period ranging from 18-24 years. These results are enforced even more firmly in type II diabetics, who in one 20 year study showed 30% reduction in death for those that drank coffee. So if you want to reduce chances of several serious diseases and boost the length of your life, that daily cup of coffee may just work in your favor.

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