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KristineArlyn2A Dream Made Reality

Arlyn and Kristine Livingston graduated from Eastern Washington University and are the proud owners of Sunrise Blvd Coffee Co. This wonderful couple and team were raised in Eastern Washington. New jobs and opportunities lured them north, over the mountains, to the Seattle area. They settled into a home in beautiful Bothell, which is where they had their first cup of coffee and history was made.

Sunrise Blvd Coffee Co. was an idea brought to life by manager, Ryann, far before she joined the family by marrying their son Sid. Ryann and Arlyn decided “if we ever have the opportunity to purchase a coffee stand, we gotta’ do it!” Opportunity came knocking and they seized the chance. After months of hard work put in by knowledgeable, dedicated baristas, who pride themselves in honesty and professionalism, in conjunction with our amazing, patient and loyal customers Sunrise Blvd Coffee Co. has become a reality. We are and plan to stay a contender in an ever-changing market offering this great community a new take on coffee.

Sunrise Blvd Coffee...Making the best part of your day better!

Staying involved in the coffee industry is something that Arlyn and Kristine take very seriously, not only for themselves but for the entire staff as well. One of Kristine and Arlyn’s main ingredient in the competitive world of coffee is to put an emphasis on customer service that goes above and beyond expectations. They have great faith in their baristas who continually create an unforgettable experience. Each barista brings a delightfully-unique dynamic to Sunrise Blvd Coffee Co. Having taken hand in other ventures they know all too well the importance and value of a top notch team in the work place. There is no group of people that love as well as appreciate the coffee industry as Arlyn, Kristine and their staff.





















Manager of Sunrise Coffee with five years of coffee experience. She married her high school sweetheart, are proud parents to their furry child, Hudson, a beautiful, golden retriever. Her drink of choice is a White Chocolate Americano.



Is a full-time Barista at Sunrise Blvd Coffee CO, she comes with 6 years barista experience. Nicole, newlywed also, tied the knot this past July. She loves both hunting as well as fishing and her favorite drink is a Vanilla Latte with Toddy.



Is a full-time at Sunrise Blvd Coffee CO. Jessica loves Mexican food, the great outdoors and has been to Paris.



Currently attends the University of Portland for Education. Renae does not miss a barista beat when she returns home on break, she eloquently picks up where she left off.





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